The map may be used in one of two modes. In the first mode (the display mode), clicking on a mark will display all the details about the mark, and where available the sponsor's information.

In the second mode (the course setting mnode) the marks may be used to set a course. One of the markers is an orange blob with a black dot

This marker represents a committee boat, and may be dragged with the mouse to its desired position.

Once the committee boat is in position a course may be set by clicking the mouse on the marks in turn.
Before clicking you will be shown the range and bearing of the current leg, and after clicking the total distance so far.

If the mouse is placed over the last mark, the course list will be shown
Clicking again on this mark will show the options page

There are some marks (red with a letter M) that may be dragged with the mouse to represent moveable marks. Initially they are stored on the land and when they are being dragged the range and bearing from the committee boat will be shown

Distances are in Nautical miles